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School/Department Learning Outcomes

As a result of two closely-related initiatives – major assessment finding reports and annual key assessment finding documents – departments' and schools' documents have been collected on a set schedule (every five years and annually). They have reviewed specific quantitative and qualitative data and then, reflected and commented on the assessment findings and implications for their programs.


 Annual Key Assessment Findings

Annual Key Assessment Finding Reports: faculty review and analysis of annual student outcomes for the capstone requirements associated with each degree and program at the university.  Includes a description of any improvements to the curriculum or student support that will be introduced subsequent to the findings as well as an analysis of the effects of recent curricular improvements in light of these data. 

Date: September to November


Year 2016-2017 (Replaced by academic self-study process --will resume in 2017-18) 

Year 2015-2016

Year 2014-2015

Year 2013-2014 

Year 2012-2013 (did not perform Annual Key Assessment Findings, please see Major Assessment Findings review)

Year 2011-2012

Year 2010-2011

Year 2009-2010



 Major Assessment Findings

Five year review of the full range of direct and indirect student learning outcomes assessment data available to the  university faculty. 

Date: September to December


AY2008-09 through AY2012-13

AY2003-04 through AY2007-08



Course Syllabi

Faculty members submit their syllabi to their department chairs/school deans for review and posting on our assessment website at the start of each semester, based on the template available here. Instructions for uploading the syllabi are available here.
Syllabi include goals for student learning and the related assessments through course requirements.

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Program Goal Statements

Formal statement of goals for student learning for each degree and certificate program at the university.  Identifies multiple measures of student learning assessment appropriate to program goals, and summarizes the steps faculty follow to implement and analyze these assessments.

Student Learning Assessment

The most recent Student Learning Assessment Plan of the Catholic University of America was completed in 2009. This plan focuses on current practices and future plans for the assessment of student learning outcomes from academic experiences and campus life as it complements student learning.




Rubrics are used by faculty as metrics to measure student learning outcomes and to aid faculty reflection upon student learning outcomes as well as an aid in the improvement of the curriculum. A basic guide for designing rubrics is available here.

Course Evaluations

Students complete course evaluations throughout their programs. Students not only rate the courses and the instructors, but also evaluate whether the outcomes for the course were obtained.

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