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Course Evaluations

Students complete course evaluations throughout their programs. Students not only rate the courses and the instructors, but also evaluate whether the outcomes for the courses were obtained.


Updates of CourseEvalCUA

Spring 2018:

All course evaluations will be conducted on-line. 
Regular CourseEvalCUA:
Students will receive an invitation to evaluate their courses on April 16th.  The evaluation period will remain open until April 30th.  Following an initial invitation, students will receive 2-3 reminders each week until they either complete their evaluations, or the evaluation period closes.
Instructors will receive an email with a link to a dashboard, which will allow them to check the response rate in their courses during the evaluation period.  Regular course evaluation lists will be distributed to each school and department by mid-March. Please contact your admin if you have any questions or requests by the end of March

Fall 2017:

The preliminary individual reports (with comments) have been distributed to each school and department. Please contact your school or department if you need them.
The reports (excluding comments) have be posted on course evaluations website.  
The detail reports and summary reports have been distributed to each school/department.


Please click the following link to access the course evaluations (CUA login required).

  Course evaluations (Spring 2003 to Fall 2012)

       Course evaluations (Spring 2013 to current)

Please contact Xueye (Christine) Zheng at directly if you have any questions.