The Catholic University of America

Planning, Institutional Research, Student Learning Outcomes Assessment:

The Office of Planning, Institutional Research, and Student Learning
Outcomes Assessment facilitates the university’s planning, budgetary and
strategic initiatives by coordinating institutional research, institutional assessment
and student learning assessment activities. The office serves as a comprehensive
source of information about The Catholic University of America. Information and
research originating within the office serves to: facilitate university planning; inform
policy recommendations and decision-making; support the university’s strategic
plan and accreditation; and inform the planning and improvement of curricular and
co-curricular experiences.

Associate Vice President

Mr. Brian Johnston

The Catholic University of America
116 Leahy Hall
620 Michigan Avenue, N.E
Washington, DC 20064
Tel: 202-319-5012
Fax: 202-319-6690


Statistical Profiles

The Statistical Profiles are updated annually and present current and historical information about students, faculty, staff, academic programs, academic support, physical plant, tuition, financial aid and university finances. Data included in the Statistical Profiles support university-wide planning efforts as well as provide individual academic units with planning and management information. 

University Outcomes Learning Assessment

As a result of two closely-related initiatives – major assessment findings reports and annual key assessment findings documents – departments/Schools document on a set schedule (every five years and annually) that they have reviewed specific quantitative and qualitative data and, then, reflected and commented on the assessment findings and implications for their programs.

Common Data Set

The Common Data Set (CDS) is a collaborative effort between publishers and the higher education community to improve the quality and consistency of information reported in college guide books.  The CDS consists of a series of standard data items and definitions that are compiled annually by all participating institutions.  Participating publishers include: The College Board, Peterson's, and U.S. News and World Report.

Student Learning Outcomes Assessment Council

The University Student Learning Assessment Council, along with its subcommittees, serves as an essential contributor to the evaluation and development of student learning assessment at the Catholic University of America.The Council provides guidance, structure and support for the assessment of student learning and facilitates the implementation of the student learning assessment plan.


The Office of Planning, Institutional Research and Student Learning Outcomes Assessment annually conducts a number of surveys to assess the educational experiences and outcomes of students.  These surveys include: The National Survey of Student Engagement, The CIRP Freshman Survey, The Undergraduate and Graduate Alumni Surveys, and the Classroom Survey of Student Engagement. 

Special Assessment Projects:
First Year Experience

Aggregates documents, reports, assessments, and key metrics related to the First-Year Experience and undergraduate retention.